Why are volunteers important?

- 40 thousand fires in rural areas a year.
- 1 thousand people killed in fires in rural areas (more than 50% of all deaths in fires in the country).
- The time of arrival of fire and rescue units to remote settlements is 45 minutes or more.
- There are 1 thousand 47 fire and rescue units in the communities to provide voluntary and local fire protection (Security Centers).




Who are the volunteers?


- Doctors, teachers, financiers, private entrepreneurs, mechanics and other concerned citizens who have decided to contribute to the safety of the community.
- Representatives of the concerned population, who understand that it is possible to maintain the safety of their loved ones not only at the front, but also in the community. People who are willing to leave all their affairs at the time of the call to save someone's life.


What do you need to do to become a volunteer?


- Want to help the community in providing protection against fires and other emergencies.
- Apply to the local government and apply for membership in the voluntary fire brigade of the community.
- To undergo appropriate training in the field of firefighting, emergency response and home care.
- Get a health insurance policy from a local government.


Requirements for volunteers


                           ⇐ Age: 21 - 60 years.

                           ⇐ No gender restrictions.

                             ⇐ No medical contraindications.


                             ⇐ Proper physical training.

                              ⇐ Especially useful is the experience of combatants (ATO, OOS), retirees and current employees of the SES, MIA, 
                                   Armed forces of Ukraine and others.

Opportunities to encourage volunteers at the local level


- Respect for society, especially among the community.
- Life and health insurance.
- Compensation for the time during which the call took place.
- Distinctions and gifts from the community.
- Participation in regional and national competitions, organization of a free gym to improve physical fitness.
- Discounts on payment for services of local utilities, participation in loyalty programs from businesses and the community at the local level, etc.